Our mission is to nurture and protect childhood

Kia tū tangata, kia tū pakari a tātou tamariki

Help our children feel good and grow strong

A homely atmosphere in rhythm with the seasons

Free imaginative play

Free imaginative play helps children develop cognitive and problem solving skills, creativity, imagination, self expression, concentration, investigation, language, numeracy, and social skills. Through in-depth play children to learn to work with others cooperatively, collaboratively and with initiative.

Stability, harmony and joy

We take an unhurried approach to childhood by providing a safe and secure environment that is homely and nurturing. We believe that each stage of a child’s development has unique qualities that should be experienced fully before embarking upon the next stage.

Warm and loving environment

We provide a warm and loving environment for our children, families, and teachers. Teachers create experiences that will meet the holistic needs of all the children.

In rhythm with the seasons

Rhythm is an integral part of all living processes. We recognise that rhythm provides balance and ensures security for children. Quiet and active times, inward and more out­going moods, daily and weekly rhythms flow into larger seasonal rhythms.

Natural materials and hand-made toys

We provide a carefully considered environment that is gentle to the eye, ear and all the senses. Our playthings are from nature or are hand-made from natural materials enabling children to experience the beauty of the natural world.

Meaningful adult activity to be imitated

During this time of young children’s learning they take in impressions from their surroundings. Therefore, we strive to provide an environment worthy of their imitation. Teachers work at real tasks, activities which the children see as necessary and fun. The children enjoy imitating them, and will often join in with the teachers.

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