Our environment

Our kindergarten operates on the ground floor of a remodelled turn-of-the-century house in the Wellington inner city suburb of Thorndon. The Kindergarten was founded in April 1995.

The entranceway, via a side path, leads through a gate into a garden playground set in flowers, natives, trees and shrubs. Our kindergarten room is softly coloured and welcoming. It provides a warm, homely atmosphere and is simple and uncluttered. In winter we have a cosy fire.

We strive to provide an environment that is eco-friendly and sustainable.





Celebrating festivals and birthdays

Seasonal and cultural festivals are celebrated alongside children’s birthdays, giving opportunities for the children to experience giving and receiving, caring for others, a sense of belonging, being special and valued.


Discouraging screentime

Steiner pedagogy recognises that the young child builds up their picture of the world from real experiences in their everyday life. The use of computers, electronic media, and television are therefore discouraged for young children. It is considered detrimental to whole child development, physically and neurologically. In addition, it takes time away from play, development of the imagination, and social interaction.


Providing rhythm and routine

Rhythm is important for children, protecting and supporting their life energy, bringing a feeling of well-being and joy that helps them feel secure, relaxed, and eager to play. Our kindergarten has routines and familiar events each day interwoven with thoughtfully considered changes. Although the day is planned there are always opportunities for spontaneous occasions. Te Reo Maori is incorporated sensitively into routines and experiences.

Our daily rhythm begins with inside play and an activity such as painting, bun making or drawing. A shared fruit time leads into a morning circle of songs and rhymes before morning tea. Food is, where possible, organic or bio-dynamic. Following outside play in the garden we come back inside for a puppet story and lunch.



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